Landgasthof Sonneneck, Nordstraße 17, 06895 Zahna-Elster OT Listerfehrda

Hotel & Restaurant „Landgasthof Sonneneck“ in Elster / Listerfehrda

The Landgasthof Sonneneck in Listerfehrda is a wonderful destination for tourists and cyclists.

The beautiful Elbe Valley , proximity to Wittenberg, castles, palaces, many other interesting places and cities -
you can discover something new every day!
Visit the alluvial landscapes of the same at a leisurely boat ride while watching beavers gnawing.
The Elberadweg (R 2) provides a largely flat route of 260 kilometers,
By the middle of nature, art and history dominated landscapes.

To visit the Lutherstadt Wittenberg, we like the transfer.